The Toronto Food Policy Council connects diverse people from the food, farming and community sector to develop innovative policies and projects that support a health-focused food system. The TFPC provides a forum for action across the food system. TFPC members identify emerging food issues that will impact Torontonians, promote food system innovation, and facilitate food policy development. Toronto has a long history as a leader of initiatives that ensure access to healthy, affordable, sufficient and culturally acceptable food. The TFPC was established in 1991 as a subcommittee of the Board of Health to advise the City of Toronto on food policy issues. Over the past two decades the TFPC has made significant contributions to the Toronto Food Strategy, Toronto Environmental Plan, Toronto Food Charter, the Official Plan, the Toronto Food and Hunger Action Plan, and facilitated City engagement with the Greater Toronto Area Agricultural Action Committee. Today, the Toronto Food Policy Council’s views, experiences and publications are followed internationally.
Founded in 1991
277 Victoria Street
Suite 203
Toronto, Canada
[email protected]

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