Models & Metrics

Ways of visioning, modeling and measuring the economy that take environmental limits and human well being into account.

• Alternatives to GDP
• New macroeconomic models
• Measures of wellbeing
• Ecological footprinting
• New macroeconomic principles
• Planetary boundaries indicators
• Sustainable Development indicators
• Quality of life indicators

Arizona Indicators

A central resource for data and insights to help support policy making and public awareness of the state’s competitiveness and other issues.
Phoenix, United States


Tracking and analyzing trends in areas that affect our quality of life.
St. Paul, United States

Minnesota Milestones

A state sponsored program involving the public in establishing goals for the state’s future
St. Paul, United States

Oregon Benchmarks

State program providing county governments and community organizations with benchmarks to gauge local progress.
Salem, United States

Virginia Performs

Virginia Performs shows how the state is doing in areas that affect the quality of life for residents.
Richmond, United States

Hawai’i 2050

A sustainability plan based on the results of a participatory process to create environmental and well-being goals for the State.
Honolulu, United States

New Jersey Sustainable State Project

A state sponsored program establishing sustainability goals.
Trenton, United States

Maryland Genuine Progress Indicator

A model designed for measuring economic activity and its impacts on natural capital, social capital and sustainable economic welfare.
Annapolis, United States

Gross National Happiness

A holistic approach towards notions of progress that gives equal importance to non-economic aspects of wellbeing.
Langjophakha, Bhutan

Centre for Environment and Development

A think tank, concept builder, and campaigner for sustainability and social justice in Asia
Nugegoda, Sri Lanka

Rio+20 Challenge at Pace University

The Rio+20 Challenge gives students the opportunity to simulate the actual Rio+20 conference.
Pleasantville, United States

Gross National Happiness USA

To help create understanding, implementation and use of alternative indicators of well-being and happiness to "Measure what Matters".
Waitsfield, United States

Ocean Mountain Ranch

Model mixed-use carbon-negative sustainable land development on southern Oregon coast overlooking old growth forest & new marine reserve.
Port Orford, United States

Green Map System

With locally-led mapmaking projects in 60 countries, we support inclusive participation in sustainable community development.
New York, United States

Dreamicon Valley

Building a free experimental platform, where talents, inventors and startups can collaborate and solve tomorrows problems today.
Siegendorf, Austria