New systems of supplying money and financing the economy.

• Barter networks
• Local currencies
• Metacurrencies
• Electronic currencies
• Monetary reform
• Time Banks

Bay Bucks

The Traverse Area Community Currency Corporation, which has been working for the last two years to think through and organize the issue of B
Traverse City, United States

Trade Dollars

The trade dollars are a local currency in Arkansas that is equivalent in value to a dollar but only accepted by local businesses
Fayetteville, United States

Humboldt Exchange

Paper local currency in Eureka, CA
Eureka, United States

Crescent Local Currency

Crescents are a local currency in the form of wooden coins.
New Orleans, United States

Brooklyn Torch

Local currency project aimed at providing paper means of exchange in North Brooklyn
Brooklyn, United States

Ithaca Hours

Ithaca Hours is one of oldest and largest local currency systems in the world.
Ithaca, United States

Piedmont Plenty

Piedmont Local EcoNomy Tender
Pittsboro, United States

Cascadia Hours

Portland Cascadia Hour Exchange
Portland, United States

Corvallis Hour Exchange

HOURS are local currency notes developed and distributed in Benton County, OR
Corvallis, United States


Formal barter and trade system for the Columbia Gorge region
Hood River, United States

Equal Dollars

Community Currency in Philadelphia, PA area
Philadelphia, United States

Life Dollars

Local Currency centered around Bellingham, WA
Bellingham, United States


Potomac is a local currency that circulates in the National Capital region of the United States
Washington, United States

Madison Hours

A Complementary Local Currency System based in Madison, Wisconsin
Madison, United States

Calgary Dollars

Calgary Dollars is Calgary's complementary currency system
Calgary, Canada