Mission The Network is dedicated to sharing and cultivating the educational, financial and technical resources of its members and supporting the growth of worker cooperatives for social and economic justice. We offer assistance to existing and new worker cooperatives in all communities within the New York City metropolitan area, with a focus on the development of cooperatives within marginalized communities. Vision The Network aims to achieve its goals by providing an informational website, maintaining an email and telephone contact, hosting monthly educational networking events and embracing opportunities for collaboration that will benefit the worker cooperative community in the New York City metropolitan area. History The Network was founded by a community of local worker-owners, developers, lawyers and academics in December 2009 during the 5th Annual Sister Mary Geraldine Symposium, entitled "Fair Work: Building and Strengthening Ties within the Worker-Owner Cooperative Community in New York City" and organized by the Center for Family Life in Sunset Park. Since that date, NYC NoWC has met regularly on a monthly basis. (646) 363-6311

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