Bonergie is a Social Business in Senegal that provides a range of Solar Energy products - Solalamps, Solar Home Systems, Solar Water pumps, etc. With a central office in dakar and regional offices in rural areas, we target mainly the rural population. Our customers have the possibiliy to pay their products with affordable monthy installments. A network of techniciens guarantee high quality installation and after sales service. We combine Solar Energy products with a Mobile payment system which allows our customer base to pay per use. The purpose of this business is to support people in poverty and to improve their living conditions. To decrease poverty we see the key in giving access to energy – here solar energy in form of private Solar Home Systems. These systems offer initially light but also the possibility to use electrical appliances to start a small business.To enable the purchase of such systems we offer micro credits which can be paid back through savings of existing energy costs like kerosene, petroleum and charcoal but also through additional income with new small businesses. The improved conditions help people to build up something on their own. A human economy can be generated without dependency on donations. Our target market is currently West Africa and we have started in Senegal.
Founded in 2009
Avenue Cheickh Ante Diop x Canal IV
Dakar, Senegal
[email protected]

Uploaded by Gabi Schwarz (I am the FOUNDER or MAIN CONTACT POINT for this project)