Our mission is by offering free software tools, to enable communities to use mutual credit currencies as part of a larger localisation movement to campaign and educate about interest free money to concentrate expertise and foster experimentation in CC design to enable real-world and virtual communities to declare their own localised currencies, and to trade in them using open source software, thus building a more sustainable economy for the 21st century. Starting with a LETS architecture coded into the Drupal platform, CommunityForge aims to deliver its web solution as many LETS communities with accounting-enabled social networking web sites. Then it seeks to devolve power and skills while providing more and better tools to more local communities seeking to strengthen and build resilence. We've found that most communities don't have the web skills needed to make their own installations, so we created a hosted-solution that meets 90% of the needs of small to medium-sized communities looking to build a local economy with their own currency. The founders have built a community of 2400 users, trained and supported 100 local admins, and helped organise a group of 10 "super local admins" (user/1) in order to build, test and implement new features into the tools. All communitites benefit from the fruits of this collective effort and that is one of our core values. All the software we use is free, open source and documented. Our solutions range from free, default community sites to customised, innovative web applications. For community groups and social clubs with no IT budget, the basic package allows hundreds of users, full control over pages and menu items. Unlimited exchanges, membership expiry, offline member support. Export members and exchange history to csv format. Other community building features include calendar, image gallery, and news feed. Try out the demo. Starting with the above, we'll give you full access to the administrative side of your site. You'll need to be reasonably confident with Drupal for this; we can get you out of scrapes, but we need to charge for this. Since all our software is open source, you can host your own exact replica. This site we keep giving away is only one way to run a currency community. We stand ready to work with you to design new currencies and user experiences!
Founded in 2009

Uploaded by matslats (I am the FOUNDER or MAIN CONTACT POINT for this project)