The Brussels CLT has been created in early 2011 by a series of housing associations and neighbourhood committees. The platform CLT Brussels seeks to promote and defend the model of CLTs on the basis of elements common to all existing CLTs to date (mainly United States) and to encourage the creation of this kind of organization in Brussels. A CLT is a non-profit organization that acquires and manages lands. Its objective is to renovate or built buildings to enable low-income families to become homeowners, and to encourage neighbourhood’s activities. The management of the trust includes users, neighbourhood and public authorities; Two years after it's creation, the platform has been transformed in an actual Land Trust, and since end 2012 the first Community Land Trust of the European continent is a fact. On December 20th, the government of Brussels gave its recognition to the Community Land Trust in Brussels. At the same time, a first subsidy has been granted for the purchase and the renovation of an empty building at the Verheyden street, in Anderlecht, whose owner has become the CLT. And this is just a beginning. Other projects are cropping up here and there in Brussels, based on a partnership between the Community Land Trust and local partners.
Founded in 2011
Verheydenstraat 121
Brussels, Belgium
[email protected]

Uploaded by geert de pauw (I am the FOUNDER or MAIN CONTACT POINT for this project)