This Mutual Enterprise System retains and expands wealth to provide jobs that clean the environment. It converts capital into harmless and beneficial efforts. It provides basic benefits for all, and special benefits for investors. It transfers technological and economic power to lower-income residents, building relevant skills. Public benefit is personal benefit, whether we're rich or poor. How is PRAISE different from a Community Development Corporation?back to contents Investments may be made with capital other than dollars Repays investors and donors Repays with regional bonds/notes redeemable for services and goods Pays half of interest in advance Elects seats on the Exchange by community rather than by purchase or appointment Businesses are selected which rely on technologies manageable by neighborhoods rather than centralized expertise/machinery, and which reduce pollution Businesses are selected which transfer economic power to community, rather than agencies which help the poor stay poor Relies on community-based market indicators set by the Securities and Ecologies Commission (SEC) rather than narrower profit/loss measures Monetizes tools, skills, crops, soil, volunteer hours, labor hours, development rights transferred (incentive for buyer as well as seller), negawatts, restraint of childbirth, locally-made warranty Regulates transfers of negotiables/bonds among the PRAISE programs as services available
Founded in 2009

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