Millions of Americans are forced by state and federal legislation and regulators to live without health insurance. We are not eligible for government health assistance and we can't afford corporate insurance. Every day we risk our small homes and savings, hoping to avoid accidents and illnesses. More of us share this fear every year. Therefore LUV asserts our right to serve people abandoned by insurers. Legislators who take money from insurance or pharmaceutical lobbies are trashing America. Greedy insurance executives and corrupt regulators likewise. They kill Americans and ruin America's economy. To defend our lives, and free America from their abuse, we are building our own nonprofit health system. We will self-insure as a massive group, growing gradually to cover all emergencies. We'll also build free clinics, nonprofit medical centers and medical schools, then hire doctors and healers.
Founded in 2011
431 W. Walnut Lane
Philadelphia , United States
[email protected]

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